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FoulPlay Productions began touring original theatrical productions in 2007. The company is based in Brighton and London and produce immersive dramatic spectacles for fringe festivals and performance based events. The FoulPlayers are a collective of performance graduates, actors and practitioners who enable the company to nourish as a consortium co-operative, drawing on the work of individual members’ experience in live art, performance practise, workshops, literature and design.


FoulPlay Productions promote the use of non theatrical spaces, and purposefully unseam and remove the commonly accepted theatrical conventions; particularly in the case of audience arrangement, participation and mobility. The company value the whole theatrical experience and endeavour to take the up-most care to offer our audience a complete experience, influencing their course from box office to performance, then through and beyond the final curtain.

FoulPlay Productions are dedicated to the promotion and method of publicity that has been successful in ensuring that each new production plays to sell-out audiences. From the earliest work produced by FoulPlay productions, self promotion and street performance presentations of the productions have been paramount to the success of each show, contributing to the atmosphere of the wider ambiance of fringe events. The company has established a loyal following through their maintained involvement in the Brighton fringe particularly; ensuring that each new production creates a stir amongst the public with continuous involvement with the outdoor Fringe City events.

Shows are written, produced and directed through a predominantly collaborative rehearsal process. Principal contributors to production concepts include: Ulysses Black, Annie Brooks, Alex Manion-Jones and Jack Stigner (Artistic Director). All contributors and Foul Players individually excel in their fields as educators, artists and designers, who relish the opportunity to share the FoulPlay experience with new audiences and are dedicated to finding new avenues for engaging and empowering audiences.

FoulPlay Productions have won awards that include Best Outdoor Event and Ideas Tap Innovator awards, amongst numerous four and five star reviews for various productions.

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