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Past Shows

FoulPlay  Productions have produced a number of shows scene 2007 each of them can be revived and ready to perform with sufficient notice, space and funding. If you are interested in booking or discussing any of these productions please get in contact here:

Previous productions have included a burlesque on the game of chess, an interactive 1930’s Correspondence Office, an apocalyptic whisky saloon tragedy and a horror halloween special. All shows can be adapted to unconventional theatre spaces and require audience mobility.


star and skull saloon sign2

In between time and space, and the sun and the moon, sits ‘The Star and Skull' saloon, owned by two supreme brothers, offering free whiskey to all. 'Epoch!' Is an immersive modern myth reflecting the commodities of our times and the very spirit of humanity, as the the seasons revolve the whiskey runs dry. A rich tapestry of interwoven narratives converge on a single cataclysmic point: a horrifying finale. 

“An experience of raucous spirit”    Fringe Review

The 19th Century Saloon and its bar is owned by two supreme brothers who detach themselves from the insignificant dealings of a kernel of characters that plot and trade in the saloon. As fellow patrons of the bar, the audience find themselves engaging with the stories and schemings of these characters, directly influencing their fortunes through discourse and financial dealings. The Bordello Parlour Doves perform 'The Firmament Review’, a medley of acts mirroring the narratives of the splintered whisky drinkers found at the tables below.

                                                      The Office of Correspondence

flyer stamp FINAL

The only interactive 1930’s office theatre. A fully immersive event, where the audience (employees) unwittingly dictate the sequence of play. The show revolves around once principle character; the elegant, and sometimes  temperamental, typewriter.

"A theatrical and stylish 1930's office, the audience are thrown head first into their roles... This was an absolutely brilliant and wonderfully innovative show"

Jessica Nero, Three Weeks *****

Different every night; in the Office nothing is quite as it seems as employees influence characters, plot twists and outcomes. The correspondents’ office, the Office of Correspondence, questions the relationship between audience and actor, testing the boundaries of traditional theatrical models. Behind the bureaucracy lies a comment on society’s acquisition of personal data, and the more covert powers of big business. Performed at The Shunt Vaults, Lost Vagueness, Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party this theatre show has proved to be hit with punters who seem to love going to work at a job where FoulPlay are Boss.

Original concept credit: Matthew ‘Cutlas’ Wade & Grant ‘PoshCat Jarvis

                                                      The Devil, Chess: A Burlesque!

devil chess cover

The characters of the chessboard are brought to life in a display of conflict,  sex, comedy and violence which highlight the importance of opposition and thus the necessity of the Evil one: The Devil - master of the spectacle. The company of ten lures the audience into the venue and treats them to simultaneous feasts of flesh, philosophy, dance and visuals, the audience don’t know where to look but feel forever fantasised.

“It’s not often that the game of chess is equated with anything other than dry, dusty academics or child prodigies. With that in mind, the idea of transforming an 80 year old Chess stratagem guidebook is an unlikely one. However, as is so often the case, the unlikeliest ideas have proved the best. With conventional ideas of theatre, structure and style thrown to the wind, director Jack Stigner has created a symphony of sensual decadence, peppered with literary allusions and sardonic humour..." 

Graeme Strachan, British Theatre Guide 2007 *****

The Devil, Chess: A Burlesque! Offers an original perspective on the role of the Devil and uses the narratives omnipresent in the ancient game of chess as a vehicle for drama.This production, offering intellectual insight and visual spectacle, manages to appear to be both high and low art simultaneously  Love or hate it we dare you, for you will be entertained, the apocalypse is coming and it would be a shame to miss it...

                                                                    The Living & The Dead


A twisted spectacle splattered with interactive event, seepingly immersive environments containing a spluttering of horrific characters. Not safe nor sound, just spooky and rather strange “…Bill & Ted meets Jekyll & Hyde…”

“A show that makes no firm contract with their audience about what the ‘ jules’ are….the darkness within is offered to all…”
Fringe Review Edinburgh

"One Audience, Two shows, Three Realms, Four Horsemen.
It is the Hallowed’een and you are special! - the living and the dead
are rewarded with terror, horror and humour in two and three dimensions….When these spirits have offended, think but this and all is render’d - that these visions did appear to make you tremble, quake and fear - there is no need to be afraid, we are, of course, just, actors...poor & unpaid!"   " 

A Show for Halloween to celebrate the FoulPlay style and eclectic skills the Foul Players have to offer. Produced in a week culminating in four performances at the Mission Room in Clerkenwell on the Halloween Weekend. Directed By Jack Stigner and the company. Graphic design by Ulysses Black, Logo’s, video and digital images by Jack Stigner, Costumes by Eleni Kyriacou. Photography by Christopher Sims.


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